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Sheriff Salisbury says, “Our mission hasn’t changed despite cut backs.”

“The Mason County Sheriff’s Office will be leaders in our community by providing the best law enforcement services possible.”  Despite budget cuts of over $1.5 million dollars since July of 2017, Sheriff Salisbury is committed to the mission of his office.  “We can only accomplish our mission through quality employees dedicated to service of our community,” said Sheriff Salisbury.  Countless hours of staff work and a reconfiguration of the command structure allowed Sheriff Salisbury and his staff to make cuts that kept vital personnel and minimized the impacts to public safety.  However, the cuts to the budget still have a significant impact on operational capacity and organizational changes are still in process.

  • Original 2017 Budget:                            $13,906,020.00
  • Cuts by BOCC in June ’17:                          $898,484.00
    • 11 positions (both filled and unfilled) lost due to this cut:
      • 2 Patrol Deputy
      • 5 Corrections Deputies
      • 1 Evidence Tech
      • 1 Financial Assistant
      • 1 Records Specialist
      • 1 Detective (retired to save deputy position)
    • Significant cuts in operations budget
  • 2017 Budget (Post Cuts):                             $13,007,536.00
  • Cuts/Changes Required to meet ’18 budget: $676,755.00
    • Layoffs and personnel changes:
      • Undersheriff laid off
      • Chief Criminal Deputy laid off
      • 2 lieutenants moved to Undersheriff and Chief Deputy slots
      • 2 lieutenant positions defunded (this saved approx. 4 deputy positions)
      • Non-mandated Animal Control position defunded to fill mandated Evidence Technician position
    • Further significant cuts in the operations budget to meet final cut.
    • Increase in jail/city contract to meet actual costs of inmate confinement
    • Partnership with N.M. School District to save a deputy position.

“I would rather defund two Lieutenant positions than four street deputies who respond to calls,” Sheriff Salisbury said when asked why he made these cuts and staffing changes. The budget reductions this year resulted in significant cutbacks to the Corrections Division, Patrol, and Administration.  However, in spite of these challenges, Sheriff Salisbury is proud of his exceptional employees and is optimistic, saying, “I am from Mason County, my family and friends live here, I will do everything within my power to live up to our mission despite these cuts.”

MCSO Press Release – 2018 Feb. 1