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Responsible LE Strategies to Budget Cuts in Mason County

Sheriff Salisbury would like to update our citizens on the 2017 budget crisis in Mason County and how it will affect the Sheriff’s Office and public safety here at home.

To recap what has happened to this point:

  • June 27, 2017 – BOCC publishes 2017 Budget Reductions
  • June 28, 2017 – Budget Reductions are emailed to Elected Officials and Department Heads.
  • MCSO is directed to make a mid-year (2017) budget cut of $898,384.00
  • Reductions are to be submitted to the Budget Department no later than July 12th
  • MCSO uses preliminary estimates to understand impact of cuts to services and personnel.
  • Commissioner Shutty and MCSO begin communication for responsible cut strategies.
  • MCSO requested the BOCC cut only $717,000.00
  • BOCC on July 18 voted 2-1 to require the Sheriff to cut the full amount despite accepting lesser amounts from other Departments and Offices
  • MCSO works to find strategies and options for responsible cuts that minimize the impact to public safety.
  • MCSO noted numerous inconsistencies between BOCC estimates to run the SO for the remainder of 2017 and our estimate to safely run the SO.
  • MCSO notifies employees being laid off and advised others of the potential for 2018.
  • MCSO loses the following positions- 3 Patrol Deputy Positions, 5 Correction Deputy Positions, 1 Evidence Tech position, 1 Financial Assistant position, and 1 Records Specialist position for a total loss of 11 positions. [2 were Patrol Deputies laid off (Deputy Ward and Deputy France) and 9 were unfilled positions]
  • One senior MCSO detective agreed to retire early to avoid a third deputy layoff
  • MCSO starts planning and bracing for possible 10.2% additional cuts in 2018, which equates to over a million dollars, plus the cost of wage and COLA increases which were negotiated by the BOCC.

Sheriff Salisbury and his team have worked very hard these past weeks to minimize the impact to our citizens. We have significant cuts in operations and personnel. Our citizens may experience some delays in service but at this point, through some diligent work and amazing partnerships, it is not as bad as first anticipated.

Although we have found ways to minimize the impact to our citizens by only losing 11 positions this round of cuts, we are very concerned for additional cuts proposed for 2018 and 2019 by the BOCC.

The current staffing levels have led to crime reduction for our citizens, these budget reductions greatly concerns all our office.  

Sheriff Salisbury would like to thank all of those who have participated in the political process through calling, providing written correspondence and contacting the BOCC with their concerns. He would also like to encourage you to support our other county offices that have lost positions and funding as well. We are a strong County with strong roots and community involvement and we will get through this together!