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"Quis Missione Usquam" (Any Mission, Any Where)

Mason County, population 60,000, is located near the foothills of the Olympic Mountains and Olympic National Forest.

It is 962 square miles in area with approximately 300 miles of salt water front on south Puget Sound and Hood Canal.  

There are 200 fresh water lakes. Mason County offers a rich variety of outdoor recreational opportunities for people of all ages. The Olympic National Park Olympic National Forest, Hood Canal and Puget Sound are all a part of this wilderness.

Mason County is a favored destination for hikers, campers, divers and a host of other outdoor enthusiasts.  Due to the rugged, remote wilderness areas, abundant waterways and miles of forest lands, there is a need for a dedicated, competent and credible individuals who volunteer their time and resources to finding and rescuing lost and injured individuals in Mason County.

The Mason County Sheriff’s Search and Rescue Program has been reorganized and continues to grow.  One sergeant and nine deputies are currently trained and mission capable to coordinate any search or rescue operation that can be thrown at them.  These coordinators are responsible for the prompt and efficient ordering of resources, mission planning and on scene command and control. The program continues to grow in personnel strength. 


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Explorer Search and Rescue (ESAR) 

  Our Explorer Search and Rescue (ESAR) corps is the primary ground search element within the jurisdiction.  ESAR teams are mission capable of performing missions inside of Mason County. Consisting of youth volunteers from 14 to 21 years of age supervised by adult advisors,  ESAR volunteers are ground searchers who commonly search in very rough and brushy terrain.  They need to be in good physical condition capable of finding their way in and out of densely wooded terrain.

Mobile (4×4) Search and Rescue

 Mason County Mobile SAR deploys 4X4 assets in SAR and disaster operations; operating as primary search units or support elements for other units or agencies.This unit provides extended range and capabilites to the overal SAR mission.

 The Mobile SAR Unit volunteers operate all terrain type and four wheel drive vehicles capable of searching back roads and trails. They operate as primary search teams and/or support units on SAR missions.


Search and Rescue Dive Team

 The Search and Rescue Dive Team serves as the primary water response and investigation unit in Mason County. These volunteers conduct underwater rescues, recoveries, investigations and search operations. the dive team also provides swiftwater response assets in the event of a flood or incident on moving water.

 Mission Support

Mission Support personnel are responsible for staffing the base camp of search and rescue operations.  Responsibilities range from logistical functions to administrative duties.  Generally, administrative staff is made up of those who do not choose to go into the field. We are in desparate need for volunteers to serve in this capacity.


Special Operations Rescue Team

The Mason County Sheriff’s Office Search and Rescue Program is looking forward to developing a Special Rescue Team which will be a hybrid unit of Sheriff’s Office employees, volunteers and personnel from the local fire districts.  This team, when formed, will be a hasty response team to the roughest terrain involving high angle rescue and swiftwater/flood operations.  The mission of the team  will be to get to the patient in the shortest possible time to stabilize and package for extrication from the scene.  We hope to have the Special Operations Rescue Team formed and mission ready by Fall 2011.


  Mason County has some of the most challenging terrain in the region which presents significant challenges to search and rescue operations.  We are looking for motivated volunteers who are up to such a challenge. Training is made available for the discipline chosen. Volunteers are never placed in situations that are beyond their capabilities or training.

 According to Sheriff Casey Salisbury, “The mission of our Search and Rescue Program is to handle any search and rescue circumstance we are confronted with in the shortest possible time and in a manner reflecting best practices to minimize the risk of further injury to victims and rescuers.”

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  Any questions you have about volunteering for search and rescue should be directed to Lieutenant Travis Adams at or call 360.427.9670 ext 622.