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Marine Enforcement


Our mission is to educate the public about boating safety, thru the use of classes, seminars, community meetings, boat inspections and by enforcing the laws relevant to boating. We will patrol the waters of Mason County to assist the public in keeping with our overall Department Mission


Boats – We currently have three boats capable of all weather, anytime operation on the waters of Mason County. During the summer months, we have one boat moored on Hood Canal, one on the Puget Sound, and one on a trailer for use on the lakes or where ever needed.


  • Deputies – We have 15 fully trained deputies who provide the Marine law enforcement service for the county. This is an additional responsibility which the Marine Deputies perform in addition to their regular patrol duties.
  • We have one full-time Marine Deputy. All additional marine work is performed on an overtime basis.
  • Volunteers – The Sheriffs Senior Volunteer program has several trained personnel who currently conduct voluntary ramp inspections of boats.

Funding comes from the State. Those funds come from an equation of the registered boats in a county.

  • Remember the children under the age of 12 are required to wear a life jacket while on a boat.
  • Operator's age for personal watercraft is a minimum age of 14 years old.
  • Boat Inspections are voluntary at the ramps, but are non voluntary while on the water.

Boating Safety Education

Classes are sponsored and offered by MCSO for the Boating Safety Education course. This class will be needed to operate a boat on the waters in the State of Washington. (Click here for information about Boating Safety Education.)


We gladly will accept donations to help support the Boating Program. Make you checks payable to MCSO Boating Fund.

Any questions or comments please call or email Sgt. Petraitis at 360.427.9670 / 360.275.4467 (extension 398) or