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"Out in Front"

 The Mason County Sheriff's Office K9 Unit is a part of the Patrol Division. The K9 Unit supports the Patrol Deputies, other staff, and neighboring agencies by employing the unique talents and capabilities of certified dogs. The Unit is currently comprised of four Patrol K9 teams and one Education K9 Team.


Patrol K9 Teams


  Deputy Matt Gray ~ K9 Rohn                       Deputy Nathan Birklid ~ K9 Jano


Deputy Justin Cotte ~ K9 Solo



The Patrol K9 Teams support the Patrol Division and surrounding agencies in the location and apprehension of fleeing criminals. These teams track suspects, conduct building and area searches, find evidence and capture suspects trying to flee. The Patrol K9 teams provide additional safety to our deputies and our communities.


K9 Rohn is a 5 year old German Shepherd imported from Canada. Named for the late Dennis Rohn; an upstanding community member, Sheriff’s Office supporter and retired police officer, Rohn was the first Patrol K9 since the mid 1990’s.

K9 Jano is a 2 year old German Shepherd imported from Germany. Jano replaced K9 Gunter (Sando) due to an early, unforeseen retirement. In addition to working Patrol, K9 Jano provides direct support to our Multi-Jurisdictional SWAT team.


K9 Solo is a 2 year old German Shepherd bred and raised by our own Deputy Birklid. Solo is the son of retired K9 Gunter (Sando). Solo is the first K9 in the unit to be bred, raised and trained in house. He is the newest addition to the K9 Unit.


 K-9 Maki

 Education K9 Team



The Education K9 Team was established by Cindy Brewer, Animal Control Officer, for the Mason County Sheriff’s Office.  Brewer and her K-9 partner, Jack, help educate the citizens and students of Mason County about safe behavior around animals.  Additionally, Officer Brewer and Jack also visit local area schools to educate students on the negative effects of bullying and its destructive effects on fellow students. 



K9 Jack is a 2 year old male Great Dane. Officer Brewer often paints Jack’s toenails a bright pink which naturally draws the attention of students.  This technique quickly engages students in the bullying discussion.   When some students make jokes about Jack’s pink toenails, Officer Brewer asks why students are making fun of him because he is different?


The existence of the K9 Unit is only made possible by community partnerships established between the Sheriff’s Office and local businesses, private individuals and non-profit organizations. All funding to support the K9 Unit is generated fromdonations and fundraisers. 


 These teams are great asset and force multiplier to our staff and directly impact the safety and security of our community.



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 We would thank all of those who have donated to start and keep the Unit in operation.