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Sheriff Casey Salisbury hosted speakers from the Washington Department of Licensing (DOL) License Integrity Unit at the monthly Sheriff’s Breakfast held at the Little Creek Casino.  Jim Dunn, an investigator in the unit, introduced his supervisor Jeff Oehlerich.  Meritorious Service Medals were also presented to members of the Mason County Sheriff’s Office.

Sheriff Casey Salisbury said, ”Fraud and identity theft target our most vulnerable citizens and learning the capabilities of other agencies’ resources is useful in building partnerships.”

Mr. Oehlerich shared how the DOL uses a Facial Recognition System to monitor the licensing database for possibly fraudulently applied for licenses.  This system was launched in 2007 with the enhanced license program and was expanded to all licenses in 2010.  Currently, the system has over six million photos stored and has complete records stretching back to 2008.    Approximately 6% of all new photos are physically reviewed due to potential matches within the system averaging 20,000 reviews per month.  Photos are checked to ensure that they match previous photos for a person as well as to the entire database to ensure that one person does not obtain licenses in more than one name.

Awards presentations preceded the guest speakers.  Sheriff Salisbury presented Deputy Christopher Mondry with the Meritorious Service Medal Award for his service as the creator and Commander of the Mason County Sheriff’s Office Regional Honor Guard from 2010 to 2016.  Deputy Mondry was recognized for his efforts and personal sacrifice devoted to the memory of fallen Law Enforcement Officers.  Partnering with other agencies and generous citizens, Deputy Mondry secured personnel and equipment and served honorably at memorial ceremonies both local and national.

Sheriff Salisbury also presented a Meritorious Service Medal to Deputy James Ward for his 8 years of service to the Sheriff’s Office SWAT team.  Deputy Ward was cited for his contributions to SWAT including hundreds of hours spent developing training and instructing department personnel and training for other law enforcement and public safety professionals.  Deputy Ward also contributed to threat assessments for Mason county schools, correction facilities, courthouse, and other specialized facilities.  During his assignment with the SWAT team he was involved with over 80 successful missions and served as an Operator and later as an Assistant Team Leader.

Sheriff Salisbury presented a Meritorious Service Medal to a founding member of the current Sheriff’s Office SWAT team, Deputy Doug Smith, whose SWAT assignment spanned 19 years.  Deputy Smith was recognized for his performance of several tasks including threat assessments to Mason County schools, correction facilities, courthouse and specialized facilities as well as his contributions to SWAT including the development and instruction of hundreds of hours of training for department personnel and joint training with other public safety and law enforcement professionals.  Deputy Smith completed training at the U.S. Army Special Forces Sniper School, and as Marksman he was many times “first in” to a scene to evaluate or respond to tactical situations.  During his tenure, Deputy Smith was involved in over 100 successful missions with the SWAT team.

The monthly Law Enforcement Breakfast draws together first responders from multiple agencies in the region including fire, medical, legal, and law enforcement personnel as well as retirees and public-minded citizens.  Keynote speakers are invited to address topics affecting communities, public service, and current trends. 

Photos related to this release:


Left to Right: Chief Deputy Ryan Spurling, Sheriff Casey Salisbury, Deputy Christopher Mondry, Chief Russ Osterhout


Left to Right: Chief Deputy Ryan Spurling, Sheriff Casey Salisbury, Deputy James Ward, Chief Russ Osterhout

Left to Right: Chief Deputy Ryan Spurling, Sheriff Casey Salisbury, Deputy Doug Smith, Chief Russ Osterhout