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A Look Inside Your Sheriff’s Office – A New Blotter Series

Sheriff Salisbury is excited to announce that the Mason County Sheriff’s Office is launching an education series titled “A Look Inside Your Sheriff’s Office.”  In this series of articles, which will be released through the “Blotter” page on the MCSO website, we will provide an inside glimpse into the inner-workings of your sheriff’s office.  Have you ever wanted to know why it takes so long to hire an employee for a sheriff’s office?  Have you ever wondered how much training a deputy must complete in order to make it through probation?  Do you know why it is so costly to run a jail?  These questions and many, many more will be explored in our upcoming series of articles which are intended to blend together general information about the office with critical topics of the day.           

Sheriff Salisbury has, since his first day in office, been committed to running an organization that is open and transparent to the citizens of Mason County.  This series of articles is born out of Sheriff Salisbury’s desire to open up little seen aspects of the office in order to inform all who are interested about the challenges and opportunities that are met daily in a modern, dynamic law enforcement agency.  Consequently, we’d like to hear from you, the citizens of Mason County.  What questions would you like us to address on the Blotter?  Send your ideas and suggestions to: Title your email “Ideas for Blotter.”