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BOCC Cuts Deep Into Public Safety

Sheriff Salisbury would again like to thank our community for expressing its support and concerns about public safety.
The sheriff's office had worked to cut over $717,000 from our budget that would not have resulted in a reduction in personnel from currently filled positions. In spite of your clear message to the BOCC that public safety should be the primary concern of government, Commissioners Neatherlin and Drexler voted to cut the sheriff's office by $898,348.00. 
The Sheriff's Office command has began the hard work of developing responsible strategies and decisions in response to the cuts imposed by the BOCC. We continue to prioritize public safety while we analyze our expenditures, programs and personnel. Our staff was given days to come up with these cuts but it will take more time to make these decisions in a responsible manner.
We have lost nine positions, we are examining all our programs and services we provide to our community, and we are still working to determine how much deeper we will have to cut into personnel.  The sheriff is greatly concerned about the long term impact to public safety in our county. As we move forward in this process we will be sure to keep the community and our supporters informed.